Net Group has found the right growth strategy and is targeting the North American market

Software development and consulting company Net Group OÜ has success stories of the rapid transformation of business processes and software solutions from both the crisis of 2008 and the recent state of emergency. The team-oriented company has the ambition to enter the North American market in the near future.

Net Group’s goal is to be a reliable partner for progressive companies and organizations that want to make their operations more efficient with software solutions.

“Just as major changes have taken place in the way we organize our daily lives, so have market conditions changed. It is strategically important for any company to screen out those options that provide long-term security and create the greatest value. Our long work experience has shown that it is worth focusing on the development of information technology, more precisely, more efficient e-solutions and information systems,” explains Priit Kongo, CEO of Net Group.

Net Group CEO Priit Kongo

The company, which achieved sales revenue of 9 million euros and 40% turnover growth in 2019, has focused on creating the best solution for the customer and offering new development opportunities. “Based on customer feedback, we are one of the most business-minded consulting companies,” says Kongo.

In its work, Net Group considers it most important to understand the details and real needs of the client’s business, to analyze bottlenecks and challenges, and only then to offer the most suitable and profitable solution. “We are equal partners with the customer, and we assume that both parties are committed to cooperation. The aim is to achieve measurable results, not to fulfill the points of the agreement.”

The new reality means new opportunities

“In a changed reality, those who are looking for new and flexible solutions are successful. We have already developed a number of comprehensive teleworking solutions that help to manage both the internal and public processes of organizations much more efficiently and create value for society as a whole,” says Kongo.

Net Group office

For example, the client of Net Group, the city of Tallinn, faced a problem after the establishment of an emergency situation: the work of the city council required the physical presence of members in the session hall, but it was no longer possible to carry them out in this way. “In three weeks, we developed an innovative solution in the field, where the conducting of a council meeting with an agenda, asking questions, approving versions and voting took place conveniently and safely in the form of teleworking,” describes Kongo.

At the beginning of the state of emergency, a new settlement solution created by Net Group in the Helsinki region was launched, through which water bills reach 2.3 million Finnish residents. “If earlier the process of invoicing and delivery took three weeks, now it takes minutes,” adds Kongo. In the near future, it is planned to integrate the settlement of waste shipments into the system. In short, several old environmental services systems will be replaced by more modern and efficient customer management, contract, and billing solutions.

The focus is on involving top professionals

World-class business and software development skills and strong business analysis competence mean that employee requirements are high. The internal focus of Net Group is on the team – maintaining, motivating, and developing it. “A team only works if its members are not soloists, but team players with common values and similar attitudes. Our team is inspired by the development and solutions that change and advance the business. We are creative heroes who base our actions on certain values: mastery, ambition, and caring,” explains Kongo.

In order to activate the team’s work mood and maintain team spirit, Net Group pays special attention to creating a motivating work environment. “We have just moved to a new, twice as large office space, where everyone has enough space and freedom to create good software solutions and relax at rest,” describes Kongo. They often meet together at a ping pong table, practice together in a band rehearsal, test their skills in the kitchen area by making pancakes or straining in the gym, and collecting energy points.

“In addition to the team’s internal events, we also increase synergies with cross-company competitions and games. It is important that everyone feels here as a circle of best friends. It is safe to say that Net Group has the fiercest team spirit also outside working hours,” Kongo is confident.

Net Group office

The target is North America

Net Group has so far been active in the European, Middle Eastern, and African markets. At the same time, steps are now being taken to bring digital transformation solutions to the North American market. The target is both private companies and public sector organizations. “We will definitely continue to operate in the Estonian market, and we will continue to be a stable cooperation partner for our local customers. We simply have even more ambition to move into the world market. This creates a kind of synergy: we can bring the business and development experience gathered from the world back to Estonian customers in order to create even more value together,” Kongo promises.

Article from Delfi Ärileht (24.09.2020):  Net Group on leidnud õige kasvustrateegia ja võtab sihikule Põhja-Ameerika turu