Net Group joined the American Chamber of Commerce community

The American Chamber of Commerce Estonia (shortly AmCham) is a non profit, non political, non governmental association of businesses. The aim of the AmCham Estonia is to develop mutually beneficial economic relations between the United States of America and the Republic of Estonia, assist entrepreneurial growth, keep abreast of Estonia’s legislation and policies and inform AmCham members thereof, introduce American customs and holidays to Estonians, and assist its members in developing contacts. There are more than 125 member companies in the community, which confirms the usefulness and necessity of its existence and activities.

Net Group has so far been active in the European, Middle Eastern, and African markets. At the same time, steps are now being taken to bring digital transformation solutions to the North American market. The target is both private companies and public sector organizations. We will definitely continue to operate in the Estonian market, and we will continue to be a stable cooperation partner for our local customers. Our goal is to create a kind of synergy – we bring the business and development experience gathered from the world back to Estonian customers in order to create even more value together.

We are ready for new challenges!