Tallinn – you have been recognized!

THE 2020 EDITION OF BLOOMBERG ASSOCIATES’ DIGITAL CITY TOOLS SHOWCASES the innovative ways in which 30 leading city governments around the world are embracing technology and transforming the culture of their organizations. The report maps these cities’ deployment of 41 technologies across five thematic areas: connectivity, data, city operations, transport and mobility, and safety and security, and looks at how these technologies are applied to specific city challenges and priorities.

The authorities of the city of Tallinn have been using the system Teele (based on effocracy) created by Net Group for more than a year when processing legislation. This has made the lives of officials much easier, as the system is automated, and users no longer have to do as much manual work on documents as before. Legislation moves faster in the system, and the whole process is more transparent.

In the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic we integrated voting system to Teele. Now the system is even more convenient and user-friendly, and if necessary, city council meetings can be held remotely in the future as well. Read Tallinn City success story here.

Read the Bloomberg Associates’ Digital City Tools report about Tallinn HERE