Return your investment less than in a year?

Key challenging issues

Delays in data

Due to the complicated entry process, there was often a week-long backlog of crucial production-related data.

Planning mismatch

Due to a lack of data, production plans were not aligned, leading to inefficient use of equipment and labour

How do we get paid?

Paper documents also had information on salary calculations of Saku Metall workers. This created additional work.

Data is only good if it is correct

Implementation of the system had a strong human aspect. How can you get everyone motivated to use the new tools?

Net Group response

Seamless new system

Net Group helped turn Saku Metall into a digital industrial powerhouse, transforming the company step by step, so that its activities were not disrupted during the initial 6-month implementation period. As a result, an ERP solution for seamless workflow management allowed multiple users to fulfill joint tasks. The system had role-specific dashboard views for all participants, including a simple ticket system for line workers.

Value gained

Fast returns

The investment was recovered in one year.

Better planning

Saku Metall can make informed decisions about production and workforce development.

Real people on board

By understanding the human factor, Net Group tested the product and gathered real life feedback from end-users – the workers of Saku Metall.


As data and knowledge accumulate, Saku Metall is now able to see patterns in production so that it can carry out better research and development for the future.