Want to make
the best app in the world?

Key challenges

  • Not all apps are popular

    Aside novelty visits, many utility apps are not used regularly by customers.

  • Where are the customers?

    Internet users are increasingly using mobile devices. To address its customers, Eesti Energia needed to engage with customers in the same environment where they are.

  • Need for upgrades

    Utility apps can become quickly outdated if not renewed and reworked constantly.

Net Group response to the challenge

Net Group played the key role in bringing together several teams

Net Group played a key role in encoding the design and developing the app in technical aspects. We also created application screens, worked with service layers and helped with front-end functionalities. Part of the success of the project came from coordination by Net Group that guaranteed understanding between the client and several technological teams.

Value gained

  • World class user interface

    Net Group made sure that the application was visually appealing and easy to use.

  • Always upgraded

    To remain relevant, the app has a built in logic that allows easy upgrades to meet the changing customer habits and technological platforms.

  • High engagement

    The app has 20 000 active monthly users.

  • Scalability

    By today the application is scalable to other markets.

by the client

Synergistic cooperation

Net Group’s experts worked with our team from start to end and we came through with the project with pride.

Client Reference

Päärn Brauer
Head of E-Channels at Eesti Energia

Client Reference

Päärn Brauer
Head of E-Channels at Eesti Energia