Key challenges

Too much extra administrative work

Officials have to spend time for extra administrative clicks and regenerating the same type of documents, taking valuable time from concentrating on proposed law drafts.

Where is the latest draft?

Multiple systems and paper copies lead to dealing with out-dated drafts, inaccurate merges and loss of time.

Lack of traceability

Lack of proposals and changes history log results in the intransparent approval process.

Slow publishing of acts

Bottlenecks in the processing of the legislation process slow down the publishing of the acts.

Need for a no-brainer solution

Multiple complicated systems and a long list of procedure steps make work inefficient.

Net group response

Redesign of processes for efficiency growth and a single source of truth

Net Group dig deep into the core business matter of Tallinn’s law drafting and publishing procedure. It resulted in redesigning some key processes and implementing straight forward one-system-only solution, to achieve substantial growth in efficiency. Fast POC and parallel user-testing helped to keep the development in scope and easy to use.

Value gained

Do what you love

Officials can now concentrate on the core matter of the law draft and all the bureaucracy and administrative work has left for the computer.

One system only

One system only provides a single source of truth and guarantees data integrity. The streamlined and automated decision-making boosts efficiency remarkably.

Transparent law handling

The secure and paperless system provides transparency and fast accessibility in law handling. The complete track record narrows down the risk of corruption.

Remote access and voting

Data integrity and one system only approach with secure remote access and voting provide the flexibility to work even in extraordinary situations like lockdown in COVID19 times.

Client Reference

Net Group solution has automated and streamlined our decision-making. This has allowed our officials and politicians to concentrate on core meaning of the proposed law drafts and has left bureaucracy and administrative work for the computer. Net Group not only delivered top notch IT solution, but helped to redesign some key processes, enabling us to work and vote remotely.
Priit Lello Tallinn
Priit Lello