Net Group is a valued partner for digital transformation in education, digital justice and in business organisations. See our tailor-made digital governance solutions here!

We use Courtal, the most advanced court information system for governments benefit.

Full guidance in
digital governance transformation

We consult countries and organisations and help them to develop their digital transformation strategy. We analyze the current situation and help the client to describe their desired business goals, aligning these with the most up-to-date solutions and technologies.

Our digital governance solutions help the key decision-makers to gain insight into their organisation and will deliver a clear road-map for the changes needed in the organisation for reaping the benefits from digital transformation.

We will provide both the technology and knowledge transfer to help the clients to adapt their businesses to digital tools. In addition, Net Group is offering warranty and support for the digital governance solution, depending on the specific needs of the client.

Full guidance in
digital governance transformation

  • Policy

  • Organisation development

  • Technology and change management

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